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Shanghai Leiditech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011 with the brand Leiditech, is a national high-tech enterprise. The company's R&D team is formed by Dr. Liumei and the former development manager of TI. With the skilled R&D team and experienced electromagnetic compatibility industry experts, it mainly provides anti-static TVS/ESD and related EMC components (discharge tube TSS/GDT, voltage regulator tube ZENER, varistor MOV, rectifier diode RECTIFIER, resettable fuse PPTC, field effect tube MOSFET, inductor).

Leiditech serves customers around EMC electromagnetic compatibility, and builds a free laboratory for customers to test electrostatic ESD (30KV), group pulse EFT (4KV), surge (8/20, 10/700 10/1000), automotive load dump (7637 5a /5b) and performance testing of components, etc. Leiditech keeps up with the pulse of technological updates at home and abroad, and constantly innovates EMC protection solutions and related devices. The goal is small packaging, high power, and provides reliable solutions and components for localization substitution.

Leiditech's main service markets are: communication security, automotive electronics, medical electronics, lighting, industrial products and consumer electronics markets.

Leiditech products meet the relevant national testing standards and requirements, and also meet international standards such as IEC, FCC, UL, VDE, etc., and have obtained ROHS, REACH and other certifications. Leiditech products can meet the requirements of high-standard lightning protection, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, so as to improve the service life of the whole machine.

Leiditech uses patents to guide the transformation of product achievements, compares foreign models with big data parameters to meet localization substitution, establishes a proprietary technology platform (WeChat applet: EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Community), and establishes an official website that matches imported models.

Leiditech believes that a wide range of products and a vertically integrated business model give us a strong competitive advantage. By helping customers to design forward according to applicable standards during the initial design stage of the project, it helps customers save time, effort and money in design and production.

Leiditech's products have been widely used all over the world and support LOCAL brands all over the world. Leiditech has long enjoyed a good reputation in the TVS/ESD industry. Direct or indirect customers include FUTURE in the United States, Honeywell, LG in South Korea, and Volkswagen, BYD, Midea, Skyworth, Hellobike, Xiaomi, Foxconn, etc. in mainland China.

The purpose of Leiditech is: integrity-based, what customers think, what customers are anxious about, and strive to become a professional electromagnetic compatibility solution service and component supplier.