LEIDITECH-company culture

Corporate culture

Company Mission

Focus on scientific and technological innovation, do a good job of protective core, and ensure intelligent life

[Company Vision]

Strong protective core  Rest assured of all mankind

Core values

Gratitude, leading, innovation, win-win


Light with you  I escort  Connect life and secure life

Company Culture

Efficient work and wisdom life;

The whole company is a team ,everyone is a responsible unit;

Itegrity-based, for the customer’s thinking ,the urgency of the customer ;

Strive to become a professional supplier of EMC components.


LEIDITECH is a combination of LEIDI and TECH, "LEIDI" representing the strong enemy of thunder and the protective shield of the product, and "TECH" means science and technology.

LEIDITECH means "lightning protection technology", Leiditech has been committed to the development and production of lightning anti-static products and related protection scheme. 

The logo of Leiditech looks like a Mao character or a shield, with a diode symbol at the bottom. It looks like a flash of lightning, red and upward. It means that semiconductor diode products are used as shields to resist lightning and static electricity, and a red heart is constantly climbing the technological peak.