LEIDITECH-Technical support

Technical support

Shanghai Leimao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., in line with the needs of high-end electronic products in the Internet of Things era, has launched a series of interface protection components for USB, Ethernet, high-definition video interface HDMI, RS485, SIM card and other interfaces, which can provide customers with personalized chemical product solutions. The main service markets of Leimao are: communication security, automotive electronics, medical electronics, lighting, industrial products and consumer electronics markets.

 The products of Shanghai Leimao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. meet the relevant national testing standards and requirements, as well as international standards such as IEC.FCC, and have obtained UL, VDE, ROHS, REACH and other series of certifications. Leimao products can meet the requirements of high-standard lightning protection, overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection, thereby improving the service life of the core components of the circuit, and enhancing the flexibility and scalability of the end product.